Behaviour & Training

Behaviour & Training Consults
for Puppies, Pets and Dogs

“Training & Pet-sitting, with a difference!”

  • Discounts for newly adopted rescue animals. 
  • Confidentiality assured. 
  • Card payments available.
  • Everything is included: plans, reports and support.
  • Risk free training you CAN try at home, realistic and honest advice. 
  • A deposit may be required which is non-refundable if you cancel.
  • You may be able to claim back fees on your pet insurance. 
  • Vet referral required for medical rule outs. 

Very Pets Behaviour & Training Consults I aim to provide you and your pet with the very best advice and training as possible; some issues faced by owners can lead to extreme stress for all involved, including the pets. Dogs and other pets are animals; they have teeth (sometimes quite big ones!) and don’t speak English. Animals do what works for them at the time, so hiring someone who can translate and work effectively and humanely with them is paramount to your success. Longer consultations can be booked, as can private lessons, conditions will apply and a suitability assessment may be necessary.

“Problem pet behaviour can be serious and should not be taken lightly.”

Very Pets Assessments for legal cases, for rescues or individuals seeking advice on adopting or purchasing a pet, if you are struggling with pet behaviour and need a professional opinion or if you are considering relinquinshing your pet to rescue.

Very Pups or Very Kittens Advisory visits can be arranged with you both prior to and after purchase or adoption of your puppy or kitten. Getting the right advice before choosing a pet can make a huge difference to it’s future behaviour and quality of life; getting the right advice after getting a pet can be even more important. These visits are designed to bring as much advice about settling in and training your pup or kitty and intergrating a puppy into a multi-pet household or with young children if needed. My mantra for puppies: Socialisation Socialisation Socialisation.

****COMING SOON-LIFE SKILLS CLASSES FOR PUPPIES Very Skilled Pups will be an essential part of raising your puppy****

Very Growly Dogs Specifically for dogs who are reactive or anxious on leads, these classes are held outdoors. Dogs come by invitation only as part of a modification programme or after a suitability assessment. With 3 current levels; Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, this makes an ideal solution for dogs with social issues. Advanced classes are Very Group training walks designed to keep your confidence and skills up. Off leash classes are coming soon!

Very Cultered Canines Designed for owner who want to go to pet friendly locations with their dogs, these classes are in real life situations and venues such as cafes and pubs where dogs are welcome. Teaching life skills such as ‘settle’, letting hoomans eat without being ambushed, no spilling of the beer, polite greetings of passers by.

Very Pets Workshops Recall, Pulling on the Lead & Nosework workshops for owners of otherwise well behaved dogs but need a bit help with lead handling, recalls with distractions and the mental stimulation of nosework which dogs find so satisfying! These will be held throughout the year as well as body language and bite prevention presentations.

Very Private lessons If you are lucky enough to have a puppy, dog, kitten or cat which just needs some help with basic obedience behaviours such as SIT, STAY, RECALL or LLW (Loose Lead Walking), LITTERBOX training then I can be booked at an hourly rate for pets over 16 weeks and 1/2 hourly rate for pets under 16 weeks. Not suitable for behavioural issues such as reactive or aggressive dogs or cats, house soiling, Seperation Anxiety etc as you will need a full consultation for these issues.

Very Residential Training Busy lifestyle? Want your dog or puppy trained but don’t have the time? Bring your dog or puppy to Very Pets for residential training. There is a minimum stay of 2 weeks depending upon the issue and owner requirements. If Katie is not 100% satisfied with the results, you don’t pay. This is an ideal solution which comes with the usual guarentees of care and quality. Owners get personalised training plans to adhere to once home to maintain the behaviours, if these are not worked on the behaviours will diminish and problem behaviour may return.

Areas Covered: Yate, Chipping Sodbury and all areas of Bristol plus surrounding counties of Somerset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, and even Monmouthshire, Bath, Gloucester, Berkeley, Dursley, Stroud, Thornbury, Clevedon, Portishead, Chippenham, Nailsworth, Nibley, Thornbury, Avening, Tetbury, Didmarton, Badminton, Westonbirt, Hawkesbury Upton, Malmesbury, Almondsbury, Wotton Under Edge, Keynsham, Axbridge, Wraxall, Whitchurch, Pensford, Marshfield, Saltford, Cheltenham, Cirencester, Calne, Severn Beach, Pill, Portbury…I am happy to travel so do contact me if your town is not on this list or if you live outside of the SW.