Heavy Petting or Not Another One!

The pet sitting industry has grown massively in the last few years. Everywhere you turn there’s yet another pet sitting or dog training business popped up out of nowhere and few seem to be only in it for the money, which is really unfortunate as it’s a MASSIVE responsibility looking after someone else’s beloved pet; it’s not as simple a job as you might think!

Don’t get me wrong, I am in business to make money! It’s how I feed my children and keep a roof over our heads and working with animals is my only source of income. But anyone who has worked with me will tell you I literally LOVE what I do, I love my clients and have never been happier.

So why this blog post? A woman entered a vet practice where my daughter works, the other day. She asked if she could put up her leaflets on the surgery wall as she was setting up as a pet sitter locally and could the vet staff refer clients to her. She was told no as they don’t put up posters on their wall and they only refer to certain companies. The woman asked who and was told I was one of them, a vet nurse and another established pet sitter. The woman snorted derisively and said she was just as good as us. When questioned about her experience with animals, what her qualifications were, why she was starting up as a pet sitter she said she doesn’t have experience, no relevant qualifications and just wants to make some money to buy nice things.

Not another one!

Therein lies the rub.

This is an unregulated industry, pet sitting and dog training both. ANYONE can set up as a pet sitter or dog trainer and begin taking people’s money. Personally, I am proud of what I have achieved given the noose around my neck. I did it all with no help, no support and no capital; most folks seem to set up with a redundancy package or financial and emotional backing at least. I’ve brought my business back from the brink through sheer determination and a set of loyal and amazing clients who have stood by me and my ever shifting ideas. I would be nothing without them.